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Files and how to manage them

You can add additional information to a file the same way in the documents and drawings folder. When you move the mouse to the file to which you want to add additional information, an i-letter icon will appear in the file bar. When clicking on the icon it will open the file information window.

In this view, you can add a tag, title, version number, project part, creation date, and a comment. In addition, you can view the actions performed on the file (creation date, move, etc.) from the file log.

You can use file tagging to categorise your files. In a way, it works like a search engine, because as soon as you tag multiple files, you can immediately see all the tagged files by looking at the tag.

You can also provide information about the file as a comment. When commenting on a file, it is possible to forward the notification to a specific user using the "@" sign.

Managing revisions


Documents and forms

Using file approval

Signing files digitally