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First things about users

To add parties, select „Parties“ from the menu and click on the „+Add a party“ button. Upon creating a new party, you must first name the party. Because a single party may include multiple users, it is good to name the party as a term that brings together these users, e.g. the name of the company. Each party can also be set as a subcontractor or a client. This option allows you to specify the contract terms of the party and use Bauhub’s.

Next, you can add users to your party. Enter the e-mail address of the user you want to add in the field and, select a predefined role (e.g. "Partner") and press „Add“. User e-mail is added to the list of users, where you can see user rights — none, read, write, admin — for each of the functionalities: drawings, documents, requisitions, contracts. By clicking on each of the respective rights, it is possible to further specify the set of user rights. 

Also, each user record shows his/her access to tasks (or workboards). Upon adding users, it shows the number of accesses as of "0/0". This indicates that no workboards have been accessed yet. You can assign workboards in the last step of the setup (read below for more details).

NB! There is no need to add project administrators as users of a party, as they have access to the entire project. Project administrators are also listed separately.

The next step is to determine which folders of drawings and documents will be visible to users of that party. Click on „Select Drawings“ / „Select Documents“ button and a modal will open showing the structure of drawings or documents. If there are subfolders under main folders, you can open them by clicking the triangle icon and displaying the complete structure. Check all the checkboxes in front of the folders you'd like to grant access to.

Lastly, you can choose whether to grant this party (and therefore its users) with any access to workboards. You can now create a totally new workboard for this very party. Or, you can also assign other previously created workboards for the party to let them access other workboards as well.

When you select a workboard for the party, then by default each and every user of this party will gain access. But if you want to cherry-pick users, you can now also click on the "Task" column cells of each user and remove workboards from that very given user one-by-one.

Once you've completed the setup, hit "Save" to finalize the party which also triggers user invites for those added to the party.  If you want to change the settings of an existing party, open „Parties" from the menu and press „Edit" next to the desired party.

To remove an existing user, hover over the user-item and click on the red trashcan icon next to the username. If you want to delete the whole party, find the corresponding button on the same line with the party name. 

Managing parties