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First things about users

Managing parties

In case you've set a party as a subcontractor or a client and once you've listed its works under the contract, you can also create and submit acts with the party. 

To create a new act, select „Parties“ and on the correct subcontractor/client line click on „Acts“. The following view shows all acts already created and to add a new act, select „+Add new act“.

Each act you create sums up values from previous acts to ensure consistency (on ad hoc principle). Stemming from this principle,  you can only delete the last act to ensures a gradual subtracting. Basically, Bauhub helps you ensure that you one can not alter or mathematically manipulate how acts are generated without deleting the newest act.

Each act is also converted into a PDF file that can be viewed and downloaded in Bauhub, the corresponding button is in the header of the act as well as in the list of acts.

By default, all project administrators can create acts. In order to allow the user of the subcontractor or client to create acts themselves and submit them for signing (thereby reducing the time spent by the main contractor), one should assign given rights to each and every user. To do this, open the „Parties“ menu and click „Edit“ from the respective party. Users of this party are able to see the permissions for each sub-functionality. From there, assign  „read“ or „admin“ rights for each user if needed.