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First things about workboards

Managing workboards

First of all, let's point out that each workboard can be set up in a way that you can precisely assign who are allowed to work on it. However, as Bauhub users (non-administrators) are grouped as parties, then one should first assign a party to the workboard and can then cherry-pick any unwanted users to be removed of their access. Creating and managing workboards is only allowed for project administrators.

This said, you can create workboards from two separate locations:
* from workboards menu;
* upon creating a party.

Workboards menu
Select "Workboards" from the left-hand menu, then click on settings icon and choose "Add new taskboard" from the dropdown menu. 

From the following modal, you can now start creating a new workboard by naming it. We recommend naming it by the actual party (e.g subcontractor "ConcreteCompany Ltd") working on your site or by the type of work (e.g "Electrical works") done on the site. However, the exact style of how name and run your workboards can depend on your exact needs and preferences. For example, why not create one workboard for absolutely everyone working on the site — "All subcontractors" — on which you can discuss various type of issues that are related to everyone?
Each workboard is also assigned with a prefix that helps to identify tasks over your project. You can also alter it but it has to be unique compared to other workboards. 

Moving along, you can also set the status of your workboard that determines where this very workboard is placed amongst others: "In progress" places it at the top of others, workboards with "To do" come following and "Done" marks workboards to placed at the bottom.

Last but not least, you can now assign who can access this workobard. To do that, all parties of the project are displayed in the view. You can now select them with the following actions:
* checking the box in front of the party gives access to every user of the party;
* clicking on the name of the party displays each user of the party and you can now cherry-pick each user separately with respective checkboxes.

You can also see that there is a number placed after each party to point out how many users from that party have access. 

Now, once you are ready, hit "Save". Remember, you can always change these settings later on.

NB! All administrators can access every workboard by default. If you are looking to create a workbord for only administrators, then skip the last part of selecting parties.

Upon creating a party
When you are creating a party, you can both create a new workboard or assing the party to join in on previously created workboards.

Upon creating a new party (read more about it over here), setting your workboards is the last step of the setup.