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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions


To create a sharebox, check the files you'd like to share and click the „Share“ button in the top row of menu buttons. Selected files form an active collection (like a shopping cart) and you can add more files from different folders. Your "shopping cart", as well as the number of files in the active collection, are seen on the top right-hand menu. 

Files shared in a sharebox can be viewed either as folders or as a file list. In the folders view you can move around the folder structure as you would in the documents or files menu in the Bauhub service. In the file list view, all files and documents inside the folders are displayed immediately as a list.

There are two ways to share a sharebox:
  • public sharebox: easily generate a link that can be shared by copying it to everyone you need;
  • e-mail: perfect, if you are looking to share your files with someone directly and also be able to see if and when they have opened the sharebox;
In the edit view of your sharebox, click on "Create a link" to create a public sharebox. This will generate a link that you can now share with other user groups. You can also change the name of the sharebox and set a deadline for how long the sharebox folder is active. Once expired, files can not be accessed via the sharebox.

Sending an email works somewhat differently. To do this, click on the „Send an e-mail“ button. You can then enter the message you want to include for the recipient. You can then select recipients to whom the e-mail will be sent. Type in or insert  (e.g. a list of contacts from an Excel file) e-mail addresses to whom you'd like to send it and hit "Submit".

You will then be redirected to the sharebox view where you can see a list of recipients, the date it was sent and an indication of if and when the recipient has opened the sharebox. You can also rename your sharebox and/or set the expiration date.

Each recipient’s e-mail also has an envelope icon. Clicking on the envelope will display the exact contents of the message that was sent to the user.

Sharebox sent via email has the title „You have got files!“. The message will be sent by „First name, last name, Bauhub“ and the reply address will be your user e-mail.

Documents and forms

Using file approval

Signing files digitally