Teie veebibrauser on aegunud ning ei toeta kõiki funktsioone.

Värksendage enda brauserit või laadige alla Chrome brauser siit

First things about users

When you add new folders, it might happen that you'd like to give existing users the right to see or edit them as well. For that, there are two options.

Firstly, click "User groups" on the left side of the menu and click „Edit“ next to the user group to whom you'd like to add new rights. Under the section named „Access“, click on either drawings or documents (depending on where the new folder is located), locate your new folder and check the checkbox in front of it.

Secondly, you can give access directly from the folder. You can find an eye-icon next to the breadcrumbs and add rights to a user group directly from the modal view.