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First things about users

Project administrators can change the security level of each project to control which authentication method has to be used by users to access the project. In case the project holds a higher security level than "password only", then each user has to make sure he/she has set up higher authentication levels. 

Start off by logging into Bauhub with your password and open your profile settings from the upper right corner and you can find a content block labelled "Personification". 

Two-factor authentication setup
Firstly, click on "Check/Change" next to the phone label. Enter your phonenumber and click "Submit". Enter the control code received with SMS and click on "Confirm". 
Once you've successfully confirmed your phone number, you can check the checkbox next to "Two factor authentication (SMS)". 
NB! Once you've checked the two factor authentication, you will receive a confirmation SMS each time you log into Bauhub with password.

Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or ID-card authentication setup
First, select which method you want use to set up the eID authentication. Each selection brings up a modal view where you need to fill out required fields and then hit "Identify". 
Once you've identified yourself with any of the eID method, you can sign into Bauhub using any one of the methods as your personal code is linked throughout each method.

NB! Regardless of projects settings, each user can always log into Bauhub with only his/her password but restrictions regarding authentication can arise when the user tries to enter given projects that hold higher security levels. This action prompts a notification from which the user can also navigate to setup further authentication methods.

Managing parties