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First things about workboards

Managing workboards

All workboards (that you can access) of your projects can be accessed through "Workboards" menu where you can see all of them listed on the left-hand column. Additionally, you can also open your personal workboard as well as view all workboards displayed into one view.

Although all workboards in Bauhub come with the same functionalities, then there is one part in each project that administrators can adjust: task categories. By default, each project comes with 5 pre-defined categories: task, issue, RFI, safety and guarantee

To edit and/or add categories, click on the settings icon which is located next to "Taskboards" . From there, you can change those pre-defined ones (both names and colors) and add new ones. In total, you can use up to 10 categories

NB! We recommend using categories to describe the nature of that communicational part. Types — e.g. electrical works, drywall etc — might not be that useful since users can already be grouped into parties and workboards based on their work types. And in case you want group your tasks by a certain word (e.g. "apartment2", "floor2" etc), you can do it by assigning tags to your tasks.

Each workboard is equipped with tools to sort tasks or filter them by categories, tags and users (assignee, reporters, watchers).