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First things about users

Each project contains a registry of users which can be accessed from the left-hand-side menu under "Contacts". The contact list is visible to all users with the exact same content.

NB! Adding new people to contacts doesn’t add a new user group to the project! Information about adding a new user group to the project can be found here.

By default, the contact list displays all users of the project, including both administrators and other user groups. The contact list shows the information for each user that the user itself has entered upon registration and/or filled out on its profile page.

If needed, each entry can be removed. For example, if the project also lists company’s management personnel as administrators, but their contacts are not recommended for public display. To remove a contact, hover over the corresponding contact and a red trashcan icon will appear at the end of the line.

You can also add new contacts to the list. For example, if you want to display the contact information of the night guard, but there is no good reason to add him as an actual Bauhub user (he is most likely not going to view drawings or set tasks). To do this, click „+Add new contact“ button at the top of the contact list.

Additionally, project administrators can change the position, company and phone number fields for each user's contact entry. This feature comes in handy if the user has not completed his/her profile, but his/her contacts are important to the rest of the team.