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First things about users

Managing parties

If you have set the party as either a "Subcontractor" or a "Client" (read more about it over here) you can also manage its contract details and create acts. Although there are minor differences between their contracts, they have pretty much the same structure.

First, you will find the option to add contacts in your contract, which is a good basis for noting the contacts that are specific to your contract (which may differ from your actual users of the project). Secondly, you can enter the contract number and the type of contract (e.g. concrete, roofing etc).

Next, you can specify the names, registry codes and addresses of both parties to the contract. The values of these fields are also automatically transferred to acts.

Moving forward, you can enter each and every work from you budget that is assigned to the party. Also, this is the information that is carried along to your acts and used as basis for them.

To finish it off, you can fill out other contract details and attach any necessary files. You can also insert additional works if these come up later on.  

By default, all project administrators can view and modify the contract. To ensure that other users can view or modify the contract, project administrators should assign appropriate rights to users.