Teie veebibrauser on aegunud ning ei toeta kõiki funktsioone.

Värksendage enda brauserit või laadige alla Chrome brauser siit

First things about taskboards

Managing taskboards

There are couple ways to mark tasks onto a drawing:
1. place the annotation on a drawing you've opened;
2. including the annotation from the workboard.

To place an annotation on drawing you've opened, you should first locate and open a drawing from your Bauhub folders. You can find the file formats that can be opened and annotated in Bauhub over here.

After opening the file, you will find a "Create Task" icon in the top tool menu, which allows you to select the category of the task you want to mark by its colour (see also how to set up categories). When the category is picked, click on the selected place on the drawing which places a pinpoint to that very location. With the pinpoint placed, you can fill out the rest of the details of your task. 

It is also possible to use other notes to determine the task. For example, you can add shapes, lines, texts and use them for a task. For that, click on the annotation (e.g. you've drawn a line onto the drawing) and it will open a menu with four options: create a task, comment, style and delete. 

However, when you start adding a task from the workboard, you can also add the annotations you want on the drawing. When creating a task, you can find a "Select drawing" field, through which you can search for a drawing from the project and placing the mark onto it. 

PS! When you add annotations through the taskboard view, then you can only use pinpoints. For further annotation types please do open the drawing and use annotation tools from the upper menu.