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More about Bauhub

Taking your first steps with Bauhub

In case you are the administrator of your company in Bauhub, then you can create pre-defined folder structures and user groups to make sure that each project has basically the same so-called "template" to begin with. 

Start by clicking "Settings" on the first page where you can see the list of your projects. To create pre-defined folders, click on "Project tree" icon, move on by selecting "Add a project tree" and name your project tree. From there, you can either import folders from a project (in case you already have a well-structured project live) build the whole structure from "+New folder" option.

Also, make sure that you've switched on the option of using project trees from the left-hand-side button where you've started creating new project trees.

In addition, you can also pre-define user groups to automatically add users (e.g. your company safety team) when the project is created. From your company account settings, click on "User groups" and choose "+New user group". Choose a name, 3-letter abbreviation and save it. Then move on by clicking on "Edit" and now add users and/or choose folders.