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Signing files digitally

Although digital documents can be signed by any user who can access them, then users might not know that the document is ready to be signed or that actually they are the ones who need to sign it. To solve this very issue, you can assign digital documents to other users (and people not working on your project). And you can do it through two different options.

Firstly, it is possible to assign signers when you create a digital document in Bauhub. In the same modal where you set the name for your digital document, you can also add signers and set them in a certain order.

Secondly, you can find the exact same user input field when you open a document that has been previously created.

Each assigned signer will also receive an email notification and the signer can see the notification in Bauhub as well. If you add an email address of a person that is not a user in your project, they will be also notified and can sign the document without signing up for Bauhub.

You can also set the order of signing. In this case, the invitation to sign is first sent to the first person in the order. The next signer will receive the invitation-only if the first person has either signed or declined the invitation. And so forth.

Once all invited signers have successfully signed the document, a corresponding email notification will be sent to the user who created the document. A notification will also be sent if any signer refuses to sign. The reason for refusal can also be seen by hovering over the refusal tag in an open digital document.