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More about Bauhub

Taking your first steps with Bauhub

First of all, only company administrators have the right to create new projects. If you are one, you can create a new project from the first page where you can see the list of your other projects. On the top right hand, click on "+Add new project", fill out the fields and hit "Save". 

Once you have created a project, you can start running it in any order you like. However, we can recommend the following order in which you could kick things off:
  • create your folder structures — set up the right structure for your files, blueprints and documents;
  • upload your files — make sure you get your files uploaded and ready to be shared with others;
  • invite other users — invite your partners to join your project and give them access to different workboards;
  • add tasks — create tasks, RFIs etc to kick things off and get your workflow going.