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First things about taskboards

Managing taskboards

You can add tasks to every taskboard you have access to. First, select "Taskboards" from the left-hand menu and open the taskboard to which you'd like to place a task to. To create a task, click on "Add a task" button.

Lock icon: Locking a task assures it can be moved to status "Done" only by the reporter of the task or by an administrator;
Status: Sets the task to given status on your taskboard;
Category: Helps you better distinguish the content of the task;
Tags: Helps you group tasks with similar content (e.g. "floor1", "apartment3" etc);
Reporter: User who creates the task;
Assignee: User responsible for executing the task, receives notifications regarding the task;
Watchers: Users who will also receive notifications regarding the task;
Deadline: Date for completing the task;
Attachments: Add tasks from your device or from project folders;

Reporter of the task and administrators can also change each task field after the task is created.