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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions


Documents and forms

Using file approval

Now that you've selected your files (see how to do it from here), you can move to submitting them. Start off by clicking on the  „Send for approval“ button. In the modal window that opens, you need to add a message for approval (for example, what files are involved) and assigning approvers. Files can be approved only by other Bauhub users.

Because your process can include more than one person, each approver is assigned to an order. The order of those users can also be changed in the same window with arrow-icons. Hit "Save" to complete the submission.

The first approver in the order will receive an email and in-service notification regarding it. Each approver needs to approve or reject submitted files individually or altogether. Also, users can comment on each of the files or leave a comment for the entire lot. To finish the process, the approver has to click on "Approve" button on the left to hand it over to the next approver.

After each and every approver has gone through the process, you can also download and/or sign a PDF document that describes the process and each approval/rejection. And if you like, you can also include all the files to be signed as well.

Each file that is being or has been approved is also marked with a coloured icon in the file folder and you can see how the file validation process is going on by clicking on the icon.

Signing files digitally