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More about checklists

Filling out checklists

Starting a progress on your checklist — regardless if it is a quality inspections, internal control document or a punchlist — begins with selecting your template to fill out.

Open "Checklists" from the menu and locate the "+ New checklist" button from the view. Select the template you want to use for your action from the dropdown. 

In the header of each checklist you will find the default fields of the checklist document, which provide initial information about the checklist:
* status — shows the status of the current checklist round status (in progress, completed);
* checklist number — order number of the current round;
* checklist name — name of the checklist document;
* site — name of your Bauhub project, editable;
* created at — date at which the checklist was created, editable;
* create by — user who created the checklist;
* participants — add more participants, editable;
* main plan — add a file (constructional drawing for the most cases) that can be used as the main plan onto which issues can be marked to.

Each template can have a different selection of content fields that can or have to be filled out.

Once you've started progress with a checklist, the status is also set as "in progress". To complete your progress, scroll to the end of the checklist and click on "Complete".

You can review the completed checklist and its entries but can not change the actual version. However, you can continue with a checkup and thus create new round.

Managing checklists