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More about checklists

Filling out checklists

First off, open "Checklists" from the main menu and then "Checklists settings" button. The following view is divided into two:
* company templates — templates created through out your company;
* project templates — templates that are enabled for this given project.

Click on the "+New template" to create a new one.

First, you can see Bauhub default fields — template name, status and so on — which can be found in each Bauhub checklist template. You can also edit the names of the fields that are linked to the specific template: site, check time, created by and participants. Name of the template can be edited here as well as once you actually use the template for your inspection.

Move on and start creating the actual content for you checklist. "+Add row" opens a dropdown menu with different content types. Added content can be marked as required, editable and you can add attachments as well.

Once you are ready to put your template into active use, click on the "Publish" button at the bottom of the template. Once it is published, you can move back to the list of all templates and activate it for all of your projects or only for the current one you're in.

Managing checklists