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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions


Documents and forms

You can use previously created document forms as drafts. To do that, however, you need to have the "draft" document in the same folder where you are about to create the new one.

When you start creating a new form, you can find the option „pick pre-filled form“ in the top right corner of the document view. When you pick a „draft“, most of the fields of the document you are creating are filled with the contents from the „draft".

Now, if you do not want other user (who can access the same folder) to be able to edit your document, then you can also lock it. To do this, you will find a „Lock form“ icon at the top of the saved document. Only the creator of the form, the project administrator and the users specified can modify the document form after it is locked.

Using file approval

Signing files digitally