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More about checklists

Filling out checklists

Each checklist template is equipped with an option to use a main plan when you are running your checklist document. "Main plan" is a constructional drawing/plan that covers the area — floor, apartment, part of the building etc — that you are going to inspect using your checklist document. And instead of assigning the same plan over and over again for each issue found, you can select the plan at the beginning of your process and only alter it if such a rare event occurs.

That said, you can find upload/selection buttons for assigning the main plan in the header of each checklist document (on the right hand).

It is important to note that you do not have to use the main plan: either select the plan for each issue separately or do not use any plans at all (e.g. you can have an inspection document that is used to check site workers and their safety gear).
However, positive findings can only be annotated if the main plan is used

Managing checklists