We are pleased to announce that Bauhub's checklists have received a much-anticipated upgrade. We have enhanced the capabilities to make workplace safety, quality, and building handover inspections more convenient and versatile. If you need an easy way to conduct workplace safety checks during your weekly rounds, you can now do so with the Bauhub app without leaving the site. Additionally, we have made creating and managing checklist templates clearer and more universal.

Key Updates:

1. Workplace Safety Inspections in the Bauhub App: Now you can use Bauhub's workplace safety inspection capabilities along with TOM (workplace safety metric) calculations directly on your iOS or Android device. This gives you the freedom to conduct inspections on-site without the need to carry a laptop or fill out paperwork. Everything you need is in the Bauhub app – simple and convenient!

2. Offline Capability Thanks to the App: We understand that construction sites may not always offer the best internet connection. Fortunately, the Bauhub app can also be used in offline mode. Conduct workplace safety or other inspections on-site, and the necessary data will be saved without an internet connection and synchronized once the connection is restored.

3. Create Your Own Template or Modify Existing Ones: Every construction project is different, so we have given you the ability to create checklists that meet your needs. Use our existing templates, modify them, or create entirely new ones that match your project requirements exactly. Bauhub's checklist toolkit is now more flexible than ever.

4. Thematic Categories: Thanks to the new classification, you can find workplace safety, quality, handover, and other checklists faster and get a thematic overview of the work already done.

How to Start Measuring Workplace Safety Levels with Bauhub:

  • Download the Bauhub mobile app to your smart device.
  • Log in with your Bauhub account.
  • You can find the existing templates under the Checklists menu, in the Safety category. We have added templates for Bauhub’s traditional longer workplace safety walkthrough format and a shorter variant based on the Finnish TR-mittaus system. Use the existing ones or create entirely new checklists according to your project needs.
  • Create a checklist template for your project or company to better ensure quality during construction and handover. Defects discovered early reduce additional costs during the warranty period.
  • Share your feedback and suggestions with us at support@bauhub.ee.

Future Plans for Enhancing Bauhub Checklists:

The capability for checklist statistics and reporting is still being developed. If you have ideas and examples for achieving the best reporting capabilities, please contact us!