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Bauhub makes you limitless

Software that empowers your site communication and lets you focus on building.

Unlimited storage
Unlimited users
Digital signing
iOS & Android apps

Task management

Run your site with Bauhub task management to easily track each and every issue, meet your deadlines and cut down on hours of phone calls.

  • customise notifications
  • manage tags and categories
  • mark issues on plans and link photos
  • assign tasks from checklists and meeting minutes


Bauhub is meant for everyone working on your project. Easily control which part of the project they can access and what are their rights within it.

  • unlimited users
  • detailed management of user rights
  • multilingual user interface
  • gather progress reports

File management

Unlimited storage to upload and share your files with your project members or even with outsiders. Regardless of the file format — anything goes.

  • unlimited storage
  • view PDF, XLSX, DOCX, DWG and DXF files
  • revision management
  • share files with outsiders

Document forms

Fill out your daily logs, covered works, site reports and meeting minutes. Each document is formatted and simply sign them in Bauhub.

  • 15+ ready-made document forms
  • add any type of attachments
  • compression for picture files
  • commenting and approval processes

Personalised checklists

Create personalised checklists for inspections, reporting and handovers and run them from any device, anywhere.

  • mark issues on plans
  • personalise with content editor
  • run checkups to eliminate standing issues
  • analytics with data export

Digital signatures

Forget those everlasting e-mail threads or stacks of paper and sign your documents in Bauhub instead. Control each step and get a clear overview of your processes.

  • Smart-ID, m-ID & ID-card
  • ordered signing
  • transparent overview of processes

Progress reports

No more Excel files and endless proofreading. Bauhub keeps an eye on each number, makes sure everything runs smoothly and you can approve or even sign your reports all in one place.

  • automated calculations and controls
  • approval processes with commenting
  • sign everything digitally

iOS & Android

Download Bauhub mobile apps to access your project information on any mobile device anywhere you are.

  • create tasks with pictures
  • access files offline
  • open files directly on your mobile device