Bauhub's recently refreshed user interface brought several new and useful features, enhancing everyday usability and customisation. One key feature is the option to mark folders and projects as favourites, creating shortcuts to your most important items.

Easily Access Favourite Folders at the Top of Your List
Project trees can be multi-leveled, often containing dozens or even hundreds of folders. This makes frequently accessed folders a few clicks and scrolls away. To streamline this, we've added a "mark as favourite" button. This creates a convenient shortcut, placing those folders at the very top of your list.
You can mark a folder as your favourite in two ways:
  • From the bookmark icon at the end of breadcrumbs
  • From the bookmark icon that appears on the folder row while hovering over it
You can remove favourites from the same places.

Highlight the Projects That Need Your Attention

Depending on your role, you might be dealing with a lengthy list of projects. To help prioritise, you can now use bookmarks here as well. Mark the projects that require your immediate attention as favourites, and they will be positioned at the top of your project list.
Find the bookmark icon on the project card when you hover over it.

You can mark projects as favourite also in the dropdown menu within the project.