1st of March 2023 comes with the biggest change in the history of Bauhub: a brand new user interface with updated functionalities and highlighted with the arrival of our file synchronization application Baudrive.

The new era of Bauhub also means changes in our pricing and users can select between two different pricing plans: Bauhub Pro and Bauhub Light. More detailed information on the pricing and plans can be found on our blog: https://bauhub.ee/blog/

What is "a file synchronization app"?

A file synchronization application enables users to use the same information (files) on different devices, e.g. on your laptop or PC, smartphone and web application. When a file is changed in one of them, then it is also automatically updated in other places as well. The most known file sync applications are probably Dropbox and Onedrive. 

And it means that Baudrive is what?

Baudrive Windows application enables you to do the same file operations on your own computer that you can already do in Bauhub web interface: view, rename, delete, copy and move files. Each and every change you make on your computer is automatically refleceted in Bauhub web interface. And vice versa.

How can I benefit from using Baudrive on daily basis? 

Baudrive simplifies your daily work significantly:
  • open files on your computer without downloading them manually from web interface;
  • publish new versions automatically by clicking "Save" while editing files in 3rd party softwares;
  • upload new files for everyone by simply dropping files into your file folder;
  • get access to files while offline.

Do I have to sync all files and folders from my project? 

Each Baudrive user can select, which Bauhub project folders are synced. Users can make the selection from both Bauhub web interface and from Baudrive app. 

Can I perform all file operations in Baudrive?

Baudrive allows you to perform all file operations, just like you can in Bauhub web app. However, if your user rights are limited in Bauhub — e.g. you are not allowed to delete files in some folders — then you have the same limitations using Baudrive on your computer. 

When will Baudrive be available for download? 

Baudrive is launched on the 1st of March 2023 for Bauhub Pro users and for Windows operation systems.