1st of March 2023 comes with the biggest change in the history of Bauhub: we are rolling out our redesigned user interface, updating several functionalities — e.g. submittals and checklists — and launching a totally new file sync app Baudrive.

Also, we are updating our pricing plans. Our current pricing is replaced with two new plans: Bauhub Pro and Bauhub Light. More information about pricing plans and why these changes are taking place can be found from our other blog posts: https://bauhub.ee/blog/

How is the pricing changing excactly?

Our current pricing is split into two: Bauhub Pro and Bauhub Light. Now you can decide which plan better fits your needs.

Other principles stay the same: the selected plan is applied to all of your projects, you can select between monthly or annual payments (per project) and volume-based pricing lowers prices once you scale up.

When is the pricing changing?

The new pricing is applied from the 1st of March 2023. In case your running subscripton — monthly or annual — ends after the 1st of March, then you do not have to pay anything extra and the new pricing applies once your new subscription period starts.

How can I select my new pricing plan?

Bauhub Pro or Bauhub Light is applied to all of the projects on your company account and therefore only company administrators can make the selection. Company administrators can find the option from subscription settings.

Companies for which the company administrator has not made the selection before the 1st of March are moved to Bauhub Light by default.

Can I later change my pricing plan?

Company administrators can switch between pricing plans at any given time from subscription settings.

What are the prices for Bauhub Pro and Bauhub Light?

Bauhub pricing from the 1st of March 2023:
Bauhub Pro: (monthly/annual per project*)
  • 1 project: 150€ / 1500€
  • 2-5 projects: 120€ / 1200€
  • 6-30 projects: 110€ / 1100€
  • 30+ projects: 90€ / 900€
Bauhub Light: (monthly/annual per project*)
  • 1 project: 125€ / 1250€
  • 2-5 projects: 100€ / 1000€
  • 6-30 projects: 90€ / 900€
  • 30+ projects: 75€ / 750€
* +VAT if applicable.