1st of March 2023 comes with the biggest change in the history of Bauhub: we are rolling out our redesigned user interface, updating several functionalities — e.g. submittals and checklists — and launching a totally new file sync app Baudrive.

Also, we are updating our pricing plans. Our current pricing is replaced by two new pricing plans: Bauhub Pro and Bauhub Light. More information about prices and why these changes are taking place can be found from our other blog posts: https://bauhub.ee/blog/

What are the differences between Bauhub Pro and Bauhub Light?

Bauhub Pro plan includes every functionality we already have, totally unlimited. And additionally:
  • Baudrive application for syncing files between Bauhub and your computer;
  • APIs and custom integrations;
  • priority & phone support;
  • presettings for new projects;
  • unlimited archiving period.
All of our upcoming & new functionalities will be included Bauhub Pro plan.

Bauhub Light plan comes fully loaded and is pretty amazing. But there are some limitations:
  • only 2 custom checklists;
  • only 2-year archiving period;
  • only e-maili support;
  • does not include: Baudrive, pre-settings for new projects*, custom documents, APIs and custom integrations.
* Previously used pre-settings are paused when using Light plan.

Pricing levels

Bauhub pricing levels starting from the 1st of March 2023:
Bauhub Pro: (monthly/annual per project*)
  • 1 project: 150€ / 1500€
  • 2-5 projects: 120€ / 1200€
  • 6-30 projects: 110€ / 1100€
  • 30+ projects: 90€ / 900€
Bauhub Light: (monthly/annual per project*)
  • 1 project: 125€ / 1250€
  • 2-5 projects: 100€ / 1000€
  • 6-30 projects: 90€ / 900€
  • 30+ projects: 75€ / 750€
* +VAT if applicable.

More detailed explanation about Bauhub Pro advatanges 

Baudrive is our brand new file sync application that enables users to sync their Bauhub project files with their computer. 2-way synchronization guarantees that each and every change you make on your computer — view, rename, delete, copy and move files — is automatically refleceted in Bauhub web interface. And vice versa.

When working with files — e.g. edit your Excel/Word files or view large 3D models — synced folders allow you to open those files directly on your computer without having to download them first from Bauhub. You can also hand-pick the folders you want synced in case you don't want all project files on your hard drive.

The first version of Baudrive will be released for Windows operating systems.

For more information please head to our dedicated blog post about Baudrive: 

APIs and custom integrations
Bauhub functionalities can be extended by creating integrations with 3rd party applications, e.g. accounting softwares, invoice management platforms or something totally different. Our personal approach enables you to achieve custom solutions and push your digitalisation even further.

Priority and phone support
All support tickets are prioritised and our support team will provide you with a solutions within 1 workday. Usually even faster. Like in an hour.

Although written tickets are the most efficient way to provide top-notch support, Pro users have also a phone line open for a friendly chat.

Create pre-settings for your projects
Set up user groups, file folder structures and taskboard categories to streamline opening new projects and make sure your projects always follow the same pattern. 

Unlimited period to keep your inactive data with Bauhub
What happens to your data once the active period of a project comes to an end and you are ready to stop your active subscription? In Bauhub, you can archive the project. All the data stays untouched while the project administrators are kept full access to all the files. And if you need to re-activate the project, you can simply flip the switch and continue using your project.

When can I start using Bauhub Pro? 

Bauhub Pro and Bauhub Light are launched on the 1st of March 2023.

How can I pre-select my preferred pricing plan?

Bauhub Pro or Bauhub Light plans are applied on company-level, meaning that all projects under one company have the same plan. Account administrators can select the preferred pricing plan under subscription settings.

Companies for which the company administrator has not made the selection before the 1st of March are moved to Bauhub Light by default.

Can I change my pricing plan?

Company administrators can switch between pricing plans at any given time from subscription settings.