1st of March 2023 comes with the biggest change in the history of Bauhub: we are rolling out our redesigned user interface, updating several functionalities — e.g. submittals and checklists — and launching a totally new file sync app Baudrive.

The new era of Bauhub also means changes in our pricing which means that users can select between two different pricing plans: Bauhub Pro and Bauhub Light. More detailed information on the pricing and plans can be found on our blog: https://bauhub.ee/blog/

New pricing can obviously raise questions, mainly why are we charging more than before. So, let's take a closer look about the reasons behind the upcoming change.

Years of constant product development

Bauhub pricing has not changed since 2016 when we first launched our product. However, we've constantly updated Bauhub with tens of new functionalities over these past 7 years. Sure, quite a few of them are pretty technical ones and their performance is hidden in the background. But others are right up there having become "Bauhub-human-rights": iOS&Android apps, file annotations, progress reports, file versioning and checklists.

Many service providers choose to put new functionalities behind a tax wall. We believe the better way is to grow with our customers and their needs, meaning that our next product improvements — updating existing or releasing new functionalities — will be included in our existing pricing plans.

We do hope that our user numbers thus far are the true testimony to our product and its quality. Your constant support helps us tackle even bigger and more ambitious challenges to improve the digitalisation in the building sector.

Rising prices around us, including around software development 

The constant rise of prices has haunted us all, especially the last year. When it comes to Bauhub, we can distinguish between two primary expense articles: labor and tech costs. In hope that salary increases have been experienced by most of our users, tech costs need probably a bit more explaining.

Bauhub-like products (services) are mostly developed and run using several technological components: softwares for developers, in-house management tools/services and data storage softwares, to name a few. So, in a way we can think of Bauhub as a house that is composed of such "tech-bricks".

These "tech-bricks" — and there's quite a lot of them — have become more expensive over the past 7 years. That said, we obviously have stepped up our game as well by making our product more "bulletproof", better scaling and smoother. We are convinced, that today we are providing our services at a much higher quality than years before and we are working every day to better Bauhub even further.

More options to better match your needs

We are truly glad that Bauhub has found its way to so many construction sector companies. When launching Bauhub back in 2016, we hoped to become a suitable partner for mostly general contractors. But today, in addition to general contractors, we can see that Bauhub is used by real-estate developers, road contractors, smaller contractor-developers, engineering and architect bureaus. 

This has resulted into different needs as well. While some users find Bauhub to be too "powerful", others keep craving for more options and further functionalities. Bauhub Pro plan is meant for the most demanding companies who want to push their digital processes further and enjoy everything Bauhub has to offer in unlimited scope, including our new file sync app Baudrive. Future functionalities will always find their way into Bauhub Pro plan as well. And Bauhub Light fits perfectly those who find Bauhub basic functionalities to be more than enough.

We are always trying our best to be transparent and have open communication, this includes our product and plans as well. If you'd like to ask for more information about our upcoming changes then please do get in touch with us: info@bauhub.ee.