Teie veebibrauser on aegunud ning ei toeta kõiki funktsioone.

Värksendage enda brauserit või laadige alla Chrome brauser siit

iOS app

Locate Bauhub app from your iPhone/iPad and open it and sign in using your username and password, just like you would sign in to Bauhub from your browser.

Upon your initial log in, you can see that you haven't yet chosen any project to work with. Click on the menu in the left corner and choose your preferred project. Now you can see Bauhub functionalities listed in the bottom menu — drawings, documents, workboards and signing

Placed in the middle of the menu is the camera icon, which opens up your device camera (or gallery) and lets you snap pictures and create tasks instantly. 

The workboard icon opens a view where you can switch between workgroups from the top right. Tasks are displayed by status (to do, in progress, needs approval, done) and you can switch between them from the upper menu. You can also filter, sort and search tasks. "Plus" icon is another way for creating a new task. 

Both "Drawings" and "Documents" menus open your file folders accordingly and you can the same functionalities under both of them. To add new files (or pictures from the camera/gallery), click on the "plus" icon on the top right corner. Icon with three dots opens file/folder editing menus. In case you hit the icon of a folder, you can also see the option for downloading its content to your device memory to use it even when offline. Every file you open, is automatically cached to the memory as well.

In the "Invitation" menu you can view the documents that are waiting for your signature and the documents that you have already signed with an invitation.

Android app (Coming soon)