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iOS app

Bauhub iOS app is based on Bauhub web service. iOS app itself is a bit simplified version of the web service to make sure you can best use functionalities that are most needed on the go: view drawings, documents, manage tasks and sign documents. However, if you compare the app with the web service in whole, then you can notice that we've removed some of the functionalities from the app. 

First of all, it would be really uncomfortable (or even impossible) to do everything from your mobile app. E.g. filling out all of the documentation or uploading a zip-file is probably not what you are looking for from the app.

Secondly, keeping core functionalities in the spotlight makes it easier to use them and therefore you can better focus on what's really important on the site.

However, you can take advantage of the your mobile device itself by using device memory to cache any file you opened and therefore work offline without any data coverage.

But, in case you'd like to access Bauhub web service's full functionalities then you can always access Bauhub through your mobile browser. Open you preferred browser, go to https://app.bauhub.ee, sign in and you can now harness Bauhub in full. All of the views are also mobile-friendly.

Android app (Coming soon)