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First things about taskboards

Managing taskboards

Each taskboard can hold unlimited number of tasks and you can create tasks directly from each given taskboard. Click on "Taskboard" from the sidebar and open a taskboard to which you'd like to add a task to. Then click "+New task".

Category: task caterogies distinguish different types of task;
Add a task name: insert the name or short description of the task;
Annotate: mark the task on a drawing or any other document; click for a detailed article;
Add attachment: add files from your project or upload from your computer;
Descripton: full description of the task;
Status: set the status of the task which places it on the Kanban-board;
Priority: prioritise the task;
Assignee: user who is made responsible for excecuting the task;
Deadline: date for which the task has to be excecuted;
Tags: tags help you better define, search and determine similar tasks;
Watchers: users who are also notified about changes of the task;
Lock icon: (at the top of the panel) locked tasks can be moved to "done" status only by the creator of the task and administrators;

Task data can be changed by the creator of the task and project administrators at any point of time.