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First things about taskboards

Managing taskboards

Project administrators can create and manage taskboards from two different locations:
* from taskboard menu;
* upon adding a new user group.

Adding from taskboard menu
Select "Taskboards" from the main menu and click on "New taskboard" to add a new taskboard.
* Taskboard name: name to define users grouped together, e.g. company name;
* Abbrevation: 3-letter prefix to creat unique task names, editable;
* Status: in progress/to-do/done options; for ordering taskboards in the list;
* Access: select user groups with access to this taskboard; click on the triangle to select only some users from the user group.

NB! Administrators have access to all taskboards.

Upon adding a new user group
You can create a new taskboard or assign users to any already existing taskboard. More on how to create a new user group can be found by clicking here.