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First things about taskboards

Managing taskboards

Categories and tags help you better define and search tasks, especially when you have tens or hundreds of tasks on your taskboards. 

Category can help you easily define what is the type of the task. By default, Bauhub assigns 5 categories for each project: task, RFI, issue, safety and guarantee
Project administrators can edit and add (up to 10) categories to use tasks with a more personalised touch and make sure categories meet the specific needs of each project. 
We do not recommend categories for describing the line of work (e.g electrical works, flooring or painting) because taskboards are usually compiled by companies focussing on each of those works (e.g sub-contractor doing electrical works is added as one user group and most probably has its own taskboard anyhow). If needed, you can better use tags to highlight certain works within a taskboard.

You can edit your project categories by clicking on the icon next to "+Add taskboard" button.

Each tag can hold unlimited number of tags that help you in coding the task: e.g. location (floor, apartment number) or certain parts of the project (floors, doors etc). 
Tags are project-based so you can re-use tags already entered int the same project.