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First things about taskboards

Bauhub taskboards are based on the Kanban-approach which purpose is to visualize the progression of a task (question, issue, RFI etc) throughout its lifetime. In Bauhub, each taskboard is divided into four statuses: to-do, in progress, needs approval and done. Each and every task can move through these phases and can be in only one of them at a time. Placing tasks accordingly to their progress helps project managers to detect bottlenecks and better allocate resources. 

Each task added to a taskboard is assigned with further details — name, deadline, assignee, category etc — that better help to understand the core of each task and to keep all the needed information in one place. Assignees and additional watchers of a task are also kept in the loop with notifications. 

Also, you can filter, sort and search tasks on each taskboard and thus work with only that part of tasks that you are interested in. 

Managing taskboards