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Your subscription plan

You can choose between monthly or annual subscriptions. 

Annual subscription

An advance payment for using the project for a year. Yearly subscriptions are renewed automatically and you can archive or switch to a monthly subscription at any given time.

Monthly subscription

Monthly subscriptions can be divided into two:
  • individual invoices;
  •  aggregated invoices.
Individual invoices
Each project has its own subscription cycle and the first invoice will be sent when you create the project.
For example: If you open a project on the 15th of September, you will receive the first invoice momentarily and the next invoices will be addressed on the 15th of each subsequent month until the project is archived.

Aggregated invoices
For aggregated invoicing (all active subscriptions appear on the same invoice), Bauhub will set a fixed date (usually the end of your initial trial) and you will receive an aggregated invoice on the very same day for each month. This said, you will not receive invoices momentarily when you create a new project, but only once the fixed date arrives each month.

PS! Bauhub subscriptions are prepaid and non-refundable.

Subscription configuration

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