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First things about users

Bauhub sends out different e-mails to keep you notified about the most important changes in your projects. Also, some of these notifications are truly important: e.g. invites to sign a document or someone assigns a task to you.

However, you can control which e-mails are sent and which not. 
Click on your initials (or your avatar) in the upper right corner of Bauhub interface, select "Profile" from the dropdown and open "Preferences & notifications" tab.

E-mail notifications are divided into 4 and you can disable them all at once or manage each one by project. 
To manage them by project, please make sure that given notification type is enabled and you can then select "Settings" to fine-tune them accordingly. 

Daily overview
First, you can set the time for your daily overview e-mail. 
Next, you can check each project which you'd like the daily overview to include. Each select project holds its own settings in the right-hand section:
* mark if all, selected or no plan and document folders are included;
* for "Selected" option, you can decide if folders created in the future are included or not;
* for "Selected" option, you can click on "Edit" button and select each folder that is included;
* mark if task-related and signing-approving actions are included.

Check each project for which taskboard e-mails are sent or not. In case you are interested in only some taskboards of a project, then you can switch single taskboards on-off as well. 

Singing and approvals
Check each project for which signing and approving related e-mails are sent or not.

Other e-mails
Check each project for which other e-mails are sent or not.