Teie veebibrauser on aegunud ning ei toeta kõiki funktsioone.

Värksendage enda brauserit või laadige alla Chrome brauser siit

First things about users

Select "Users" from the sidebar and click on the user group you want to edit. User group management is divided between tabs. 

Users and accesses
List of all users within this user group. To edit their respective rights, click on the given field and select your preferred option. To remove a user, click on the icon at the of the user row and select your action.

You can also add new users to your user group by clicking on "+Add user". Insert the e-mail address of the new user, assign a role and edit each user right if needed.

Plans and Documents
Both tabs allow you to select which folders are allowed for user group members to be accessed.

Edit, add or remove users from taskboards. Clicking on "Users" button enables to control taskboard accesses for each user.

General info
Edit user group name, assing type or delete the user group in whole.