Teie veebibrauser on aegunud ning ei toeta kõiki funktsioone.

Värksendage enda brauserit või laadige alla Chrome brauser siit

First things about users

eID authentification — that is authentificating your login with SmartID, Mobile-ID or ID-card — adds a strong security layer to your account as each login is controlled by one of those methods that are personalised with your personal idenitification number issued by the state.

Click on your initials (or avatar) in the upper right corner of Bauhub interface, select "Profile" from the dropdown and then open "Security" tab. To link your Bauhub account with your personal ID, click on "Personalize account" button.

Select your preferred method, fill out fields and confirm your data. Next, you need to follow through the process of identification depending on the method you chose. You can now log into Bauhub using eID methods.