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More about Bauhub

Taking your first steps with Bauhub

Predefined folders and user groups are available under Bauhub Pro plan and they can be set up by account administrators.

Why should I use predefined folders and user groups for?
Using predefined folders and user groups fastens creating new projects and you can make sure projects created have the same standard. 

Can I have several predefined folders and user groups?
You can create unlimited number of predefined folders and user groups. If you are running different type of projects on your account — e.g. apartment vs public buildings — and need different type of setups for them, then you can have dedicated predefined options for each of them.

How to create a predefined folder structure?
Open company settings and select "Folder structures" from the menu. Folder structures are divided by drawing and document folders which you can separately assign when creating a new project. You can either import a structure or create it manually folder by folder.

Importing enables to select a project from which folders are imported. After importing you can edit the structure for further needs: remove, add and rename folders. You also need to name the file structure itself.

How to create a predefined user group?
Open company settings and select "User groups" tab.
Click on "+Create new" to start the process.

Name the user group and click "Save". You can see the added user group in the list and you can continue with the setup by clicking on it.

Next setup step are devided into tabs and you can edit them each separately.

User and accesses
Click on "+Add user" to add users for the user group. You can only add users who have already registered accounts in your projects. Clicking on the "E-mail" field lists all users and you can type for names to search for the right user. You can then edit their sub-rights and click on "Confirm" to add the user. 

Plans and documents
Both tabs enable you to select which folders are accessed by user group users. Click on "Select plans" field and select your preferred predefined folder structure. This also means that once you start creating projects then predefined folders and user groups are linked and can only be used together (so you can use a given user group in case you use the folder structure that it is linked to).

Moving on, you can now select the exact folders which users are granted access to. 

General info
Edit the name of the user group, assign a type and remove it.