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Taking your first steps with Bauhub

Yes, there are different type of notifications regarding your project.

First of all, you can see a quick summary of different changes and notifications on your project dashboard: new drawings, new documents, documents to be signed by you and tasks assigned to you. What is more, there is a messageboard where users can leave messages that are seen by everyone.

In the top right corners, you can also see bell-shaped icon that alerts you with different type of notifications, including notifications regarding tasks, signatures and file approvals.

Also, Bauhub sends out notifications as e-mails. You can also control which e-mails are sent to you from your profile. Click on the icon with your initials in the right top corner and choose "My profile" from the menu. Additionally to other profile fields, you can also opt in or out from daily e-mails, task related e-mails and other e-mails entirely.