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More about Bauhub

Taking your first steps with Bauhub

Project administrators can set the minimum authentication level for each project. By default, each project is set with the minimum security level which means that each user added to the project can access it with a simple password-based login.

To change the security level of your project, open your project and click on "Project setting"s from the menu.
You can choose between the following options:
Low — all authentication options are allowed (including simple password);
Medium — two-factor authentication and eID are allowed;
High — only eID is allowed.

* Low-security level means that users need only to log in with their password and there is no need to use other authentication methods. 
* Medium level presumes that users need to log in using either two-factor authentication or eID methods
* High-security level obliges users to use only eID authentication to access your project.

In case the project is set with medium or high-security levels, then each user has to make sure it has turned on needed authentication methods and users can find more information regarding it over here.