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More about Bauhub

Taking your first steps with Bauhub

Adding new projects is available only for company administrators . Open the project list view and click on "+New project" button on your right.

Adding a new project is divided into a step-by-step process:
1. project information: set the name of the project and its location;
2. adminstrators: add project administrators who gain full control over the project;
3. folder structures: use predefined folder structures; *
4. user groups: use predefined user groups; *
5. subscription setup: add invoicing info and select your prefered suscription model.

* predefined folders and user groups are available for Pro plan users.

Once you have created a project, you can start running it in any order you like.
However, we can recommend the following order in which you could kick things off:
1. create your folder structures — in case you did not use predefined folders, then start by setting up the right structure for your plans and documents;
2. upload your files — make sure you get your plans uploaded and ready to be shared with others;
3. invite other users — invite your partners to join your project and give them access to different workboards;
4. add tasks — create tasks, RFIs etc to kick things off and get your workflow going.