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More about checklists

You can update and edit your templates by publishing new versions of it. 

Open "Checklists" from the menu, select "Checklist settings" tab and click on "Edit" button located at the template you are looking to edit.

Next, you can see the active version of the template. This version might have been used in different projects to create numerous inspections. Editing this very version — e.g. deleting some checklist rows or renaming them to something totally diffreent — might cause confusion later on when you want to analyse how inspections were carried out throughout the project lifetime. 

That said, you can not edit the very version itself, but instead you can create a new version of it (even if you only edit one small bit of it). To do that, click on "+Add new version".

This opens the view for editing the template and you can edit every bit of it, just like you can when you create a new template itself. Each edit is saved automatically and you can keep working on it for as long as you want (revisit it days later if needed). 
Once you are ready to make it public, then click on the "Publish" icon in the footer and the new version is published to every project using the template.

Filling out checklists

Managing checklists