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More about checklists

Filling out checklists

Open "Checklists" from the project menu and click on "+New checklist". You can select from templates available for this project. 

Starting an inspection saves it as an active draft and you can keep editing as long as you need. Once you are finished with the given inspection, then make sure you complete the round from the upper menu.

NB! Completed inspections can not be edited or changed.

General info
Fields that define this inspection as a document. In addition to name, object, date and particapants, you can also use tags (e.g. floor, apartment, constructional stage etc) that you can later use to filter and search for.

Main plan
Selecting a main plan for your inspection enables you to easily annotate all issues onto one plan. 
Main plan is optional and you can select different plans for each issue as well. 
Each inspection can have different type of content, e.g.: text fields, datepickers, multiple choice fields etc.

Inspection documents can contain different checkpoints: content fields with the purpose of marking if something is true or not. Each checkpoint can be answered with YES, NO or N/A (not applicable). 

By answering "YES", you can also add the positive finding as an annotation.

Answerin "NO" gives you an option to record it as a task and also annotate it

Regardless of the answer, you can always add a comment for each checkpoint. For that, click on the commenting-icon next to the answer field.

Managing checklists