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More about checklists

Select "Checklists" from the project menu and open tab "Checklist settings". You can see all company templates on the left and project templates on the right. Click on "+New template", name the template and click "Save".

First, you can see the default values of each template that are used by Bauhub if you start performing inspections with any given template. You can change the language, template name and edit the label values of created at, created by and participants.

Adding content to template works through adding rows that can be of different type of content. More detailed information about each content type can be found by clicking here.

You can keep editing the template for as long you wish and every change is saved automatically to the template. Once you are ready and want to make it publicly available, then click on the "Publish" icon in the footer and you can then continue to enabling it for projects.

Filling out checklists

Managing checklists