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More about checklists

Checklists can be used to perform different types of structured checkups. Perhaps the most common checklists include:
* quality inspections;
* safety inspections;
* handover checklists;
* punchlists.

In short, checklists provide you with the opprtunity to create a structured document and use it to control if everything is in complience. Any issue discovered can be assigned as task with attachments, photos, deadline and assignee. 

Each checklist document can be used for follow-up rounds (as recurring checkups) to mark if issues discovered in previous rounds have been eliminated or not. 

Bauhub provides you with a selection of ready-made templates that you can also edit or create totally custom templates of your own. Pro plan comes with unlimited number of custom templates, Light plan is limited to 2 custom templates.

Filling out checklists

Managing checklists