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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions

There are 2 options for adding a revision:
1) upload a new version from your computer;
2) assign one file to be the new version of another file in the same folder.

Upload a new version from your computer
Locate the file to which you want to add a revision to, click on the ellipsis icon and select "XXX" from the dropdown. Now select the file from your computer and upload the file.

Add an already exisiting file as the new version
First, both files — the new and old versions — have to be in the same folder. 

Placing one as the new version of the other is done with drag&drop method.
Grab the new version and start dragging it towards the older file. Now, in order it to be placed as revision, you need to drag your file cursor directly onto the file version number field of the older file. Once you reach the file version field, you should also see an indication. Releasing your cursor places the file as the new version.


Documents and forms

Using file approval

Signing files digitally