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Signing files digitally

Ordered (as "in order" and opposed to simultaneuos) signing means that one invited signer has to add his/her signature before then next signer gets the invitation and is allowed to add his/her signature.

You can arrange simulatneous signing in three diffrerent scenarios:
* when you create a digital container in Bauhub;
* when you open an already existing digital container;
* when you switch from simultaneous to ordered siging for an already exisiting signing process.

Creating a digital container
You can order signers when you are creating a new container in Bauhub. While adding users in the process, make sure you turn on "Signing in order" option. Signers are first placed in the order that you are adding them but you re-arrange the order with drag&drop actions.

Open an already existing digital container
Click on a digital container that is not signed by anyone.
First, make sure you turn on "Signin in order" option. 
Then, add a first signer using the field "Add signers" and after entering the user (or e-mail), you are moved to a modal in which you can add more signers and re-arrange their order with arrows.

Switching from simultaneuos to ordered signing
Changing from simultaneous to ordered signing means that all user invites as well as added signatures have to be removed in thr process.
Click on a digital container and remove all signatures and invites from the container. 
Proceed with steps explained in the previous sub-section.