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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions


Documents and forms

Using file approval

All file approvals — whether you are the next approver in the order or you approved files months ago — can be accessed from "Approvals" menu item. The same menu item shows a small number of approvals that are currently waiting for your actions (if you there are any). In case you are the project administrator, then you can also see each and every file approval created in the project.

Each file approval "package" is displayed with a unique number, name, approvers' initials (or avatars) and number of files (approved, in process and declined). In case you are the actining approver of any processes, then you can see message regarding it and a button that leads you to the process.

Clicking on a file approval "package" take you the files list of the approval and you can see files divided between different tabs (approved, in approval, declined) as well as a tab with all approvers. 

All approvals sent for you are also notified via e-mail and in-app notifications.

Signing files digitally