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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions


Select "Shareboxes" from the menu and click on the sharebox you want to edit.

Rename or delete
Click on the vertical ellipsis next to the sharebox name and select your action.

Share by e-mail
Sharing by e-mail enables to send out invitations directly from Bauhub and you can add a message to go along as well. Invites already sent are listed (if there are any) and you can see messages by clicking on the envelope icon. Column "Visited" displays the date&time if the recipient has clicked on the link sent to him/her.

Click on "+Send invite" to send new invites, add one or several recipients and a message.

Valid to
Set the expiry date after which the sharebox can not be accessed through links. Click on the x-icon to remove the exipiry date.

Public link
Additional link that can be shared in any way you like.

Documents and forms

Using file approval

Signing files digitally