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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions


Documents and forms

Using file approval

File approvals enable users to confirm or reject files uploaded to Bauhub and therefor signal if files are approved for further actions or not.

Approval process
One or several files are sent for approval to one or several users who assigned in an order. 
User assigned ("approver") can either approve or decline each file separately and add comments (e.g. why a file was declined). The approver can finish his/her approval process once all files are marked with a decision. 
In case there are more than one approver, then the next approver should follow suit and go through the same process. 
Files declined are reported back to the user who started the approval process and he/she can either replace the file or re-send it for approving.

The result
Approval process has to results that are linked to each other:
1) each file in the approval process is marked with an icon in the file folder;
2) you can download or share a PDF-file with all the approval process information (files included, approvers and their decisions, dates etc).

Signing files digitally